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Tamiya F103 Chassis

tamiya f103


  • Galleries: View
  • Introduced: 1993
  • Scale: 1/10
  • Primary use: Onroad
  • Config:MR
  • Driveline: Direct drive
  • Body: Polycarbonate
  • Susp. front: Half wishbone
  • Susp. rear: T-plate

The F103 is the most enduring and revered open-wheel RC chassis of all time. Produced over a span of over 15 years before being replaced, it supercedes the F102 with a narrow, vertical servo mount, pivoting front upper wishbones, and a rear friction damper plate that smooths out side-to-side movement of the motor/axle pod. A number of variants were released, including a long-wheelbase version to mimick American Indy cars, and a "GT" variant adapted to fit sedan wheels & tires.

Pros: Well-balanced, lightweight chassis, very strong aftermarket support Cons: Low traction on rubber tires, minimal suspension range of motion requires the smoothest driving surfaces

F103 models

Model # Name Released Prebuilt?
58126 Lotus 107B 1993 No
58130 Sauber C12 n/a No
58134 K-Mart Texaco Lola T93 (F103L) n/a No
58142 Ferrari 412T1 1994 No
58148 Rahal-Hogan Lola T94 (F103L) n/a No
58156 F103RS Chassis Kit 1995 No
58179 Williams-Renault FW18 (F103RS) 1996 No
58194 F103RX Chassis 1997 No
58198 PIAA Reynard 97D Nakajima (F103RS) 1997 No
58213 Ferrari 301B (F103RS) 1998 No
58229 Toyota GT-One TS020 (F103RS) 1999 No
58230 Porsche 911 GT1 (F103RS) 1999 No
58235 McLaren Mercedes MP4/13 (F103RS) 1999 No
58247 Audi R8R (F103LM) 1999 No
58253 Toyota GT-One TS-020 Le Mans '99 (F103RS) n/a No
58258 F103LM-TRF Special Chassis Kit n/a No
49154 Tyrrell 6-wheeler (F103RS special) 2000 No
57738 XB Tyrrell P34 Six-Wheeler (RTR) 2004 Yes
58367 F103GT Chassis Kit 2006 No
58376 Advan Courage LC70 Mugen - Finished Body (F103GT) 2007 No
49191 Ferrari 312T3 (F103RS) n/a No
49498 F103RM w/ M Body n/a No
84031 F103RM w/ T Body 2009 No
84032 HP Racing F103RM 2009 No
84056 F103R Chassis Kit - 15th Anniversary 2009 No
84111 Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler - 1976 Japan GP 2010 No
84165 Tyrrell P34 Six Wheeler - 1976 Japan GP XB Pro (prebuilt, no radio) 2010 Yes